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Sonia x Cynthia Digital Photo-Set 36 HD Pix (Duo + Solo) + 2 videos

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SESSION with @kerocchi 🧡🖤 Already told ya that the character I cosplay (Sonia) is the dominant one - Cynthia, like many people who have a responsible high position, loves to let go of her control. POV: In contradiction to always be seen as the "Pokémon Champ", I know that all her wet fantasies consist of being a little c_msl_t. So I degrade her to being a b_tch, a b_tch than I can show around and lend others so they can have w_nk off while watching her doing what I tell her to do. You can chip in to book a session. In the session, I display her to you, show you what a pretty little sl_t she is. I tell her to make you h_rny by fondling her cute t-ts, shaking her a55, pinching her n_ps.. and damn, you get so hard, i LOVE seeing u growing🥵I tell YOU to now j_rk to both of us, cuz I can't let this little c-msl-t get the delicious load of yours all for herself!! 😜 so I do my best to convince you to spread it on both our bodies, shaking my breasts for you, slapping my a55, bend over and.. moan a countdown! Will you chip in to see this session and spread your load over us? (;

In the second set, I'm showing you my Sonia Cosplay more, showing you the BTS of the shooting, oiling myself up!


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After purchasing you can download all files bundled as zip-folder(s) ^-^

I think I don't even need to mention it but sharing/leaking my content in any way is prohibited. I kindly ask you to respect the work of the photographer and myself, including all the hours spent with styling, creating, shooting and editing the whole set as well as recording, cutting and everything else that goes into such a big project ! Thank you so much! <3

** Due to the nature of this products, no refunds can be made after purchasing!**

I DO NOT offer explicit nudity.

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Sonia x Cynthia Digital Photo-Set 36 HD Pix (Duo + Solo) + 2 videos

1 rating
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